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Overview of Our Program

Elite 64 is US Youth Soccer National League’s ‘Elite Performance Tier,’ which is the pinnacle of soccer in the United States, providing a never-before-seen experience that enhances a player’s recruitment into the college and professional game. As the name suggests, Elite 64 is made up of top 64 boys clubs and top 64 girls clubs in the United States, all striving to be the best by competing with the best. The 64 clubs are geographically grouped into 8 groups of 8, playing a home/away double round-robin of 14 league games over the course of a 10-month season. In addition to the league games, Elite 64 teams have the option of competing in specific Elite 64 Showcases. Every Elite 64 team competes in an end-of-season Showcase and National Finals event.

Elite 64 is governed and operated by the largest youth sports organization in the world, providing an incredibly safe, stable, and ideal environment for players and clubs to compete. Through the influence and resources of US Youth Soccer and its technology and data partners (StatSports and ProScore), every Elite 64 player has access to state-of-the art data tracking and analytics, thereby building a player profile that will be provided to college and professional scouts (domestic and international). Elite 64 is building player and recruitment pathways never before seen in the youth soccer landscape of the United States.


Encompassing 64 of the country’s biggest soccer clubs, the Boys E64 is one of the up and coming youth leagues in the United States with admittance possible through application and assessment only.

As a proud member club of the Northeast Conference, STA MOSC plays a club v club competition schedule with other programs from across the region ranging from MA, to PA and DE to NY. With High School participation supported, players are able to represent their towns and local communities, enjoying the social benefits this brings, before returning to club competition upon the completion of their seasons.

As part of an eight team conference, STA MOSC teams play a 14 game annual league schedule which sees a handful of occasions where all of the teams U13-U19 will both host or travel together helping forge an unparallelled allegiance and brotherhood amongst clubmates.

Why STA Boys E64?

With some of the country’s biggest clubs coming together, the level of competition, and college/higher visibility, the opportunity that Boys Elite 64 players receive is exceptional.

With over 400 college coaches attending the first batch of Elite 64 showcases and professional players and coaches highlighting individual excellence, the platform for players to elevate their game is a significant one.

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2010 E-64
2009 E-64
2008 E-64
2007 E-64
2005/2006 E-64

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Team Staff

Matthew Farrell

Director of Coach Development & Recruitment | USL Academy Head Coach

Phill Ferguson

STA MO Boys Director of Coaching

Brett Molloy

USL Academy Assistant Coach

Justin White

Wayne Wardle

USL Academy Assistant Coach