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Maximize Potential

At STA we are driven by our ambition to “Maximize Potential” and our belief that #SuccessLeavesClues. This means we are entirely committed to ensuring the level of education, support and resources provided to our membership are unparalleled within the youth club space.

As a market leader within the club and player development space, STA’s list of national partnerships with various providers is a prominent one and we look forward to you seeing the benefits of a club entirely committed to giving back to its membership and being #ProudToBeDifferent.


One of only a handful of clubs nationwide to have full partnership status with the technology company revolutionizing game recordings, STA uses VEO to record games and training sessions that can then be shared with teams and coaches to support their development. For HS aged players, it is an incredibly valuable resource in supporting their ability to create college highlight videos or share professional quality full game footage with coaches.


Providing objective performance data to players and prospective collegiate coaches surrounding both our individual and team performances in games is made possible through our partnership with Instat. The company at the forefront of data analytics across the club and collegiate spectrum in the US, this resource is invaluable in ensuring our players have the opportunity to learn about their performances.

Soccer Pulse

The ability to subjectively monitor our players' health and wellness is critical when juggling the multifaceted demands placed upon our young players. SoccerPulse provides our ECNL and GA teams with the ability to stay connected on player readiness, helping coaches ensure players are ready and able to perform at their best for as long and as often as possible.

College Fit Finder

A resource to support all of our High School aged Prospective Student Athletes (PSA's) in their search for a suitable college home, CFF offers our STA players a great tool to both promote themselves, communicate with coaches and refine their search of potentially appropriate schools.


Our skill development partner, techne is a training program designed to help our players refine their levels of skill development and own their individual training! Powered by a leaderboard that tracks player performance and a variety of different tasks and time trials, Techne is a great resource for players who want to "level up" their technical foundation and improve their comfort within pressurized game situations.

Beyond Pulse

Is our wearable technology that monitors our players heart rate, active participation, distance and work load during every game and session. The technology enables our coaches to deliver sessions that prepare the players for game day and ensures they are ready to compete at the highest level.