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More than a soccer club

Our vision is to be the country’s most revered youth soccer club, recognized for its excellence in and approach to, personal, player and coach development. We will provide an appropriate and supportive pathway for the very youngest player through to the national level elite athlete, all whilst instilling a deep love of the game and an array of life skills taught through playing soccer.

We Maximize Potential

Our mission is to inspire and educate our players to excel in athletics, academics and life, all the while becoming contributing members of their community. As a club, we will never forget we are responsible for guiding children throughout their only childhood.

We Live By Our Values

The STA culture fosters a learning environment that encourages innovation, excellence, growth and togetherness from players and coaches alike. We believe in the game being the children’s, of them being the drivers of their own growth and development. We will coach and lead in a manner reflective of this.


An intense desire and enthusiasm to continuously improve, achieve and set new standards.


A group of people who genuinely love, trust, care about & look out for one another


Proud To Be Different. Finding news to inspire and motivate our student athletes.

Player Pathway

The philosophical goal of STA is to provide a developmental and game model which ensures our players attain an understanding of the game that will allow them to fulfil their potential of playing at the very highest level of which they are capable. To do this, we promote a unified philosophy towards how our teams approach and operate within game situations.

Ultimately, we want STA to be a club within which the players are not only technically astute and comfortable when running with, controlling or passing the ball, but one where players have the understanding, audacity and cognitions required to solve problems, make the correct decisions, move fluidly within and ultimately create chances (both individually and collectively) at ease within an array of tactical systems.

In addition, they will display the patience, composure and ability to keep the ball away from their opponents for long periods of games while also having the physical and mental capacity and alertness to press, counter-press and when necessary defend in a deeper, more disciplined fashion to regain possession should it have been lost.

Through being encouraged to play the game in a manner befitting that which is required at the elite level, we hope to provide each and every player with the foundation and skill set necessary to make a seamless and successful transition to the next stage in their development ensuring STA continues to be regarded as one of the country’s finest player development programs.

Player Development

Players enter the STA Family in our FREE Super 6 or Super 7’s program that run in the Spring and Fall of each year. These programs are purely for training purposes and have no games included. From the U8 age group, our teams are then exposed to competition and this is where our club program truly begins.

In our youngest age group players are part of a training pool that splits each weekend for games. Considering the significant difference in rate of development experienced within these formative years, we feel the pool approach allows us to best provide the necessary level of developmentally appropriate challenge for players within these ages. As such, the groups are fluid and players should expect to play with different people each week.

Teams will then become fixed for the year as they get older. From U10 or U11 our oldest age group of U19, there will for the most part be three teams per age group per gender.

With Player Development at the center of what we do, it is not uncommon to see the concept of horizontal integration applied across our teams. In essence, this means players of different ages may be afforded the chance to play and train up, or across age groups, with even the boys and girls coming together as and when appropriate.

There are of course different developmental objectives in place for each age group but upon transition to the full sided game, supplemental Nationally recognized Talent Development Pathways become part of the development process for our most gifted.

The girls have opportunities to be part of US Soccer’s Regionalized National Training Centers while also being recommended for US Club Soccer’s Id2 National Training Camp. The boys also have the option of being selected for Id2 however, once there they are vying for International Selection in the form of a trip to Europe or South America to represent the US.

From this point, inclusion within Youth National team age groups is possible, before an emphasis upon the placement of our future alumni into the appropriate NCAA College Programs is witnessed. Throughout the High School age groups we operate a Winter, Spring and Summer program with players taking the Fall off to focus purely on High School participation.

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Executive Committee

Shane Bullock

Executive Director

Tom Shields

Technical Director

Kelly Sims

Assistant Technical Director | Girls Academy Director

Matthew Farrell

Director of Coach Development & Recruitment

Zico Nunes

STA MO Girls Director of Coaching

Katie Quinlan

Assistant GA Director | WPSL Head Coach

Scott Maxwell

Boys Zone 1 Director

Tom Bray

Boys Zone 2 Director

Ylon Krauweel

Girls Zone 2 Director

Krissy Greenwood

Director of Operations | Girls Zone 1 Director

Jack Burns

Boys ECNL Director

Phill Ferguson

STA MO Boys Director of Coaching

Zack Roth

Goalkeeping Director