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A Night to Remember With USWNT & Gotham FC Defender Kelley O’Hara

Posted April 26, 2023

Thank you to NJ/NY Gotham FC, General Manager Yael Averbuch and Defender Kelley O’Hara for taking the time to share your journey and advice to our aspiring STA ballers!

A few key takeaways:

“My biggest strength is my mentality… It’s how you handle the set back. I don’t let the set back define me, and it’s always about ‘How do I go forward from here?’.”

“My advice is to spend time with the ball. You can practice everything in this sport. You have control. I control my success and how far I want to go based off of my habits and the things I decide to practice.”

“To this day, I struggle with confidence. But confidence can be practiced. It’s a habit. Everything is a habit, and everything can be practiced.”

Thank you STA players, parents and coaches for joining us and learning from one of the best players in the world! Special shout out to all our players who asked Kelley a question during the Q&A portion – some really insightful and thought provoking questions!