if you are interested in joining the girls academy at sta, please click below

  • STA Girls Academy will be holding internal and open Talent Identification Clinics to help form their Girls Academy teams. During those clinics the technical staff will identify players based on current ability, talent and potential. 

  • What is talent?
    - A natural aptitude to excel
    - It can be developed (Environment)
    - Genetics influence but talent is NOT innate

  • What is potential?
    -Qualities or abilities that may be developed to lead to FUTURE success (Environment)
    -Not based on current game performance level
    -Scouting youth players is predicting the future

6 teams participating within the Girls Academy League for STA;

  • U19 - Players born in 2002 and 2003

  • U17 - Players born in 2004

  • U16 - Players born in 2005

  • U15 - Players born in 2006

  • U14 - Players born in 2007

  • U13 - Players born in 2008

STA LOGO 2019 wb.png
STA LOGO 2019 wb.png