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STA Development Academy is the top tier arm of the STA Girls program. The Development Academy teams & players will strive for excellence and compete with themselves to be better today then they were yesterday. While competing at the highest level they will display togetherness, unity, integrity & a passion for the game. 


As a club we will provide the pathway to excellence as well as resources to develop on and off the field to prepare players for any level of competition after High School as well as teach them life skills they can use for the rest of their lives. 


STA Development Academy will have at least 2 A license coaches on staff for the 2020/2021 in addition to B licensed coaches and will have a full time goalkeeping director/coach as well as a Sport Performance director/coach on staff. This all to support the players in their strive towards Excellence! 

Development Academy 

The U.S. Soccer Development Academy strives to develop world-class players by providing elite, driven youth talents with development environments, which meet the highest standards, that empower them to reach their full potential.

The DA program impacts everyday club environments by setting standards that ensure every DA player train in a world-class environment and compete in more meaningful games. Clubs competing in the DA commit to uphold Academy standards and maintain the best possible environments to optimize player development.

For elite, motivated players, the Development Academy provides a pathway to develop and reach the highest level of competition.


DA competition begins at U-13 and runs through U-19. The number of teams competing in the Academy decreases as the age increases, therefore the number of player spots decreases. This ensures the most elite players continue competing against each other, which provides optimal development and more meaningful competition.

Coaching Standards

The Development Academy believes that coaches are an integral part of creating the best environment and influence player development immensely. The best coaches are able to develop the best players and they continuously develop their own skills to be the best coach. All coaches in the DA are required to hold a minimum USSF B License.

STA LOGO 2019 wb.png