A partnership we believe will help revolutionize the youth soccer experience and one we could not be more proud to ask to lead on.


Fundamentally, this wearable technology (heart rate straps) will help us monitor player health, wellness and performance. It will help us understand how hard our players are working and subsequently what we need to do to ensure they are ready for optimal performance at major events.


It will mean that we can better monitor and subsequently, adjust our periodized training load to ensure that we do not put our players and teams at the risk of injury (overuse or otherwise) or burnout.


Furthermore, we will be able to objectively review how hard players within and between teams are working during training sessions and the consequent effect this has on their performance and development.

It means that players and coaches alike, become increasingly accountable for the quality of their on field performance and delivery and that we as a program can not only monitor player health, but also see who embodies our mantra of striving for excellence and who puts in the work that will allow them to be 'better tomorrow than they are today"'.

Sport Psychology Workshops - Seton Hall

Often, the higher up the sporting ladder a person goes, the difference in achieving optimal performance is not due to technical, tactical or physical deficiency it is in their ability to handle pressure and perform under stress.

Our partnership with Seton Hall sees our players introduced to the concept of Sports Psychology and Mental Skills Training from the age of U12 and above. Our hope is that having a greater self awareness and understanding of factors that can inhibit performance, along with tangible support from experts in the field, will lead to our players' developing coping mechanisms and strategies that will prepare them to be able to achieve optimal performance throughout their time within our program.

Beyond that, we hope this program helps them fulfil their potential when playing Collegiately/Professionally upon graduation from us and that they do not fall victim to being unprepared mentally for the strains of the game.

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