PLAYER Achievements 

We are delighted to recognize the achievements of a number of our players who have been selected for participation in some of the country's finest Player Development Programs.  Between representing the United States Youth National Team, attending the US Soccer National Training Centers and US Club Soccer Id2 National Camps and International Trips, alongside various other Select Teams, a number of our boys and girls have had the opportunity to experience some of the best competition across not just the US but Europe and South America too.


Youth National Team Representation


2020: Mackenzie Gress

Youth National Team Camps

2020: Mackenzie Gress, Sophia Bradley

2019: Kyla Holmes


National Training Center Attendees

2020: Lily Gjelsvik, Sophia Bradley, Megan Weiss, Kyla Homes, Olivia Russomanno

2019: Stella Orellana, Lily Gjelsvik, Juliana Dolinkski, Kyla Holmes

2018: Kyla Holmes, Ashley Kiernan, Alex Reigle, Tehya Scheuten, Stella Orellana, Anna Szporn, Lily Gjelsvik, Corinne Lyght

2017: Kyla Holmes, Ashley Kiernan, Tehya Scheuten, Anna Szporn, Lily Gjelsvik, Mackenzie Creighton, Ella Collins, Kavita Parakh, Corinne Lyght, Morgan Joyce, Ava DeLaTorre


Girls Id2 Attendees:

2020: Lauren Villasin, Tommy Valente


2018: Mackenzie Creighton, Kyla Holmes


2017: Morgan Joyce, Grace Zamora, Mia Saccone


Boys Id2 Attendees:

2019: Henry Weston, Andrew Antunes, Jed Akwaboah (*Id2 National Team Selection), Akira Boffinger


2018: Daniel Farberov (*Id2 National Team Selection), Peter Batanjany, Dylan Fei, Karan Chouhan


2017: Aidan Grant, Gavin Scavino, Zaiden James, Walter Zawacki, Peter Tolkin

ICC Futures Attendees

2019: Jed Akwaboah, Ricardo Sanchez (East-All Star Team)

Players who joined an MLS Academy 

2020: Jed Akwaboah (NYRB) 2019: Henry Weston & Eli Conway (NYRB) 2018: Nick Carrascosa, Connor Loundon, Brandon Carro, Aidan Costner (NYRB) 2017: Ian Paola, Atticus Lindsley, Josiah Crawford (NYRB) Tommy Rodriguez (NYCFC) 2015: Grant Barrientos, Sam Wenger (NYRB) 2014: Nick Gencarelli, Sean Ryan, Michael McDougald (NYRB) 2013: Owen Wolfson (NYRB) 2011: Zach Ryan (NYRB)

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team Achievements

Home to National Champions, Regional Champions and State Champions, we are incredibly proud of the successes witnessed across every level of the youth soccer landscape by a number of our teams.

Regularly competing for success in the highest levels of major regional or national tournament events, STA guarantee to provide players of requisite ability, the opportunity to compete in some of the best events the US has to offer.

Noticeable Accomplishments:

2019: US Club Soccer National Cup - Champions, NJ Cup State Champions

2019: US Youth Soccer National Championship Series - Finalists, US Youth Soccer Regional Champions, NJ Youth Soccer State Champions

2018: US Club Soccer National Cup - Finalists, NJ Cup State Champions, NJ Youth Soccer State Champions, NYCSL NPL Champions

2017: US Club Soccer National Cup - Finalists, NJ Youth Soccer State Champions, NYCSL NPL Champions

2016: US Club Soccer National Cup - Finalists, NJ Cup State Champions, NJ Youth Soccer State Champions, NYCSL NPL Champions

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